Tara’s Medicinal garden

Welcome to a creative and caring natural healing space

therapeutic methods & what they can help with

Sometimes we can have recurring blocks, the body may have imbalances or we are dealing with challenges in our lives which affects our core well-being. If left over time this can create disease and disharmony. I can work with natural healing tools to assist you in bringing health and harmony back to your life. This is a multi-dimensional healing modality which works on many levels of soul, spirit and body to empower you.

         Through the use of these holistic natural healing methods I offer:

  • Tools for self-care

  • Addressing medical conditions

  • Meditation

  • Energy work

  • Relaxation

  • Well-being

  • Stress Management

  • Anxiety reduction

  • Depression Management

  • Sleep improvement

  • Learning and cognitive improvement.

  • Creative visualisation

  • Stepping into empowerment

  • Space cleansing

  • Finding happiness in career, life path, relationships

What Are Natural Healing Methods?

Natural health and healing refers to a broad range of complimentary therapies. Conventional medicine suppresses and numbs out the sickness and pain but doesn't get to the root cause. In order to heal disease you must get to the root cause. The main principle behind natural healing is to draw out the symptoms so that they can be addressed, released and healed right to the core. In my 15 years of experience I have trained, discovered and worked with many effective tools and practises to heal and eradicate symptoms. This can have a transformative effect and ripple through your whole life path effectively. Empowering you to take responsibility for your life and what you want to create.


Flower Essence HEALING

These profound and gentle flower essences have been carefully created in Scotland & the UK. The orchids from around the world, are made using a non-cutting method, so they are living vibrational essences. As a vibrational medicine they offer the possibility to connect and clear subtle emotional and physical organs whilst allowing you to gently realign the body back into balance. They are rather unique and profound in their effect.They connect to wisdom of earth and the flowers. My own experience of working with these essences was that they unblocked areas of my life which were really stuck and felt impossible. They are rather like soul medicines.



This is a method quite similar to acupuncture. However instead of using needles to stimulate the flow of energy or chi, a torch light with a choice of 11 slim glass colour rods are used. The coloured light is applied to the skin on specific points, zones or acupuncture meridians. Recent scientific research has proved the cells throughout the body communicate through the frequency of light. Each colour carries a particular frequency. The treatments are non-invasive while also having profound and lasting results. The cells literally drink the colours to wherever it is needed and throw light onto the issue or block,to be healed.

Lightbody activations

Just as our physical body can get out of alignment so can our subtler fields. We are far more than our human physical vessels. Soul, spirit and matter- we have cosmic information guiding our soul’s unfoldment from the solar sun and the cosmos. As we activate our lightbody more of our multi-dimensional selves come on-line. What is the purpose of this? To allow more of our gifts to be revealed and activated in a way to create more of a flow in our lives: `Health, abundance, service to our beloved Gaia and one another. I have tools and techniques to bring your energy bodies into alignment.

I have been receiving consultations from Tara and working together with her for more than 10 years. Tara’s professional abilities as well as her natural gifts are rare. She works from a place of Divine love and sacred union balanced. I commend her wholeheartedly
— Dr Darius Meibodi, Medical doctor and Multi-dimensional Healer