This week is National Women's Health Week

This week is National Women's Health Week. Try to boost one thing for your physical health and one for your mental health this week..
Go for a lovely long walk, hit the gym, make time for that yoga class, book a colourpuncture session. Read a book, enjoy a coffee with friends, meditate and take time to breathe.
Your health should never be an after thought - it's a priority, it's essential & you should take the time to nourish you!

Welcoming in the new... Happy Equinox

What do you perceive to be true in this now moment? Breathe in love, breathe out love… Life is miraculous in this now moment. The beauty, the love and how can we best serve our highest potential in this now moment?.. The vibrancy of spring is emerging as we shed away the layers of going within during the depths of winter. Breakthroughs and glimmers of potentiality. What do you want to do?.. How best can we serve the collective? What gifts do I bring to the world? I just put on a tune and had a dance. Moving the energies of the union of sacred masculine/feminine merging and rising.

My sacral feels like it is bursting open.. Creativity birthing new light codes.. But what does this all mean? Expression and colour for me.. Been a lot of activity in the Thymus/throat area clearing. Time for more self expression.. Being in my power as a woman and being fully present to me. Practice, practise and to be compassionate to myself if I slip into the old ways of shame, blame and judgement.. So what are your plans for the coming spring/summer months. What is emerging from the cocoon? Watch this space!

Interesting article on colourpuncture (The Observer)

Colour therapy

Colour therapists believe that the seven colours of the rainbow relate to the body's seven main chakras. So, if you're feeling blue, a multi-coloured treatment could be just the thing your internal colour palette is yearning for ...

What is it?

Light moves in waves of varying lengths and, as each colour has a different wavelength, we sense them all individually. Colour therapists (or chromatherapists) believe that different colours in the spectrum correspond with the body's inner vibrations. If your vibrations are off-kilter, therapists believe that colour can harmonise and rebalance them if treated with the right colours.

The seven colours of the spectrum relate to the seven main chakras - or energy centres - of the body. Depending on your mood and physical health, the colour therapist will use specific colours to treat the afflicted parts of your body.


Colour therapy is administered in several ways. In many treatments coloured lights are shone on the body or coloured silks are worn. Other practitioners use different coloured liquids in bottles or small torches with coloured beams that are pointed at the relevant acupressure (also known as colourpuncture) points.

Is there any evidence?

There is some evidence that colour affects our mood and general wellbeing. In 1958, US scientist Robert Gerard conducted a study that claimed red stimulates and makes us anxious, while blue promotes calm. He also showed that colour could affect appetite, blood pressure and aggression.

Prisons in Texas have begun to dress inmates in pink, partly to humiliate them, and partly because, anecdotally, pink is said to reduce aggression.

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Ingrid Collins, a consultant psychologist is convinced that chromatherapy can effect our energy levels. "We know that the cells of the human body are constructed from atoms and that each atom consists of particles of energy in constant motion," she says. "We are therefore at the most fundamental level made of energy and information, so when we add a particular colour we are adding energy into our lives."

Where does it come from?

Papyrus scrolls dating back to 1550BC suggest that the ancient Egyptians used colour to cure ailments. Ancient Chinese texts also record colour therapies.

Colour therapy became more widely used during the 20th century, when Swiss psychologist Dr Max Lüscher developed the Lüscher-Colour-Diagnostic test. During the test, the recipient is asked to select eight coloured bottles in order of preference. The results are said to reveal your worries and their solution.

Who can do it?

According to therapist June Mcleod, colour therapy is a gentle treatment suitable for "everyone from the young to the old. Anyone suffering from stress and immune deficiency problems through to insomnia and critical illness can gain comfort and support from colour treatment."

What results can I expect?

After a session you might expect to feel empowered and enlivened. Colour therapist Pippa Merivale explains: "Colour is light; it throws light on things and shows you what you've not spotted in yourself - talents and gifts and hidden strengths, as well as the erroneous zones that it can help you to dissolve and flush out if you choose. You will emerge from a consultation with a feeling of freshness, a sense of authentic power that's exciting and very new."


Therapists believe there are different contra-indications for each colour. Your colour therapist should discuss any issues with you before you begin treatment.

Wow to say it's been intense recently is an understatement..

So many planetary shifts and new ways of being with all the new light codes. Personally I had a challenging weekend. For a few days before I kept hearing i was dying.. Was I considering leaving the planet or just dying to my old ways of being? Or the ego struggling with my higher self? I rarely get ill with all my healing tools and work I do on myself and helping others. So it was a real challenge having to confront physical pain.

I tried to get up on Saturday morning and found I had a trapped nerve or sciatica. My whole right leg was numb and I couldn't stand up. What came to follow was a deep process of going within. Clearing layers and layers of old programming in the sacral and primal fears of survival in the root chakra. At first I used positive affirmations to reframe the pain and shift my focus away from it.. I also got a medical opinion but the doctor prescribed hardcore painkillers which I wasn't going to take. So I had tumeric tea for the swelling and pain control and cannabis oil to help the nervous system relax. This worked and helped the body's own action kick in to manage the pain. I soon realised there was no point ignoring the pain.

So I started sending it love and flashes of memories from my life where I endured through pain to grow passed by me. Knowing this isn't for my highest good I consciously released those lower timelines, calling the fragmented soul back to the higher self for the lessons and learnings and not the traumas. I realised it was an illusion that I felt alone. I read many beautiful posts at the weekend of the shifts occuring planetary and realised we are all one in this together. Between the crying, meditation and healing I just had to surrender to the process.

Yesterday Soluntra King had a lovely post on the anchoring of the grids she was doing. In it she mentioned the blockages currently in the root chakra of the earth, which resonated with how I was feeling. She had some beautiful insight and brought to my attention the pain I was experiencing was deep layers of unworthiness and punishing myself. Boy that literally hit a nerve! So I continually breathed deeper into the pain with love and out with love for several hours. This is also what i do with client's pain bodies to witness in love.

So after thinking I would be in bed resting up for days, I woke up this morning a little bit wobbly, but able to move around and move forwards. Knowing I need to be gentle with these shifts and not push through. These waves of love are in the unfolding. The intensity of the weekend's experience was more painful than giving birth! As a friend astutely commented: "More like a rebirth!" So as the energies of balance ramp up into rebalance for the equinox on the 22nd September I send you all love, gratitude and grace for sharing the journey xxx

As we enter the Lionsgate 8:8:8 portal and the final eclipse in the triple eclipse gateway on August the 11th...

...Many shifts are occuring on a planetary and personal level right now. Eclipses are about abrupt endings and also new beginnings. Much of the old paradigms and conditionings which held us in the old system of disempowerment and control are dying. Something new is birthing. We were born with love and die with love. A remembrance of this awakens knowing that we are worthy of the highest and best love so all good things can flow to support us and the work we are doing on the planet. Love is what connects us as humans. Over time with conditioning and past experiences it can be challenging to peel away the defences and protection to our hearts. It takes courage to stay open, trust and allow those old wounds to heal and be aired. Discernment also helps, honouring the inner knowing of what does and doesn't serve our highest good. It takes courage to let go of the old ways of doing things as they served us up to a point. But to move into higher levels of love it takes courage and trust to bring in the new that is birthing.

Wth so many planets in retrograde many of us are reviewing or remembering past experiences, like an inventory, processing and releasing to allow a deeper way of being to come through. Stronger foundations to create new ways of being. It is our divine birthright to be happy. As the lionsgate portals are open at this time the Sirius stargates are very open and burst of new lightcodes and rewiring our DNA and lightbodies- clearing the past, denser realities of struggle, disease, trauma and drama and bringing in higher ways of living on this planet.  That is not to say these lower levels of reality have been eradicated completely from the planet. As many experience these shifts there is a lot of these dramas, conflict and chaos coming up. It's important to stay in alignment with your higher self, take self care, get out in nature and ground through these chaotic times. Integrity is key, honouring the self and listening to the still voice within to what is and what isn't serving you. It takes practice to bring this into alignment and also to hold loving thoughts in response to what is going on around. Aligning with guides and higher beings of light can assist through these transitions- If we ask for assistance then be open to receiving the signs. As our thoughts create our reality it's important to align with uplifting thoughts to create happier outcomes- not getting pulled into the shadows of negativity and recreating destructive patterns of the past in our lives. There are higher waves of rose gold grids entering the planet. Balancing the divine masculine and feminine within. Choosing to break away from co-dependency to empowerment and balance is key. Much old conditioning on the masculine and feminine within which created karmic relationships helped us grow through certain things our souls needed to learn to evolve. But divine masculine and feminine unions are about love empowerment, co-creation and sacred union. To be sovereign beings taking responsibility for our lives and for raising the vibrations of the planet. So more people awaken to those higher waves of love and know what it is to live in love, peace,harmony and true abundance on the planet. It's about flow, trust and passion. it's about regeneration and sustainability in managing ourselves and other for the planet. It starts with self, taking the time to honour self so that in turn we are able to honour others. These transitions can feel lonely at times but it's important to remember that there are many doing this work at this time and networks of light are building and connecting bridges over the planet at this time. slowly with time as these connect we will connect with more of our soul tribes doing this work.

Trust you are being guided. See what new things and opportunities open up in your life.When blocks and drama occur use the tools, do the work to bring yourself back into alignment and flow. Being in nature and also spending time with animals is key. Grounding in the crystalline grids often to shift the intensity of these new light codes without burning out is important too. So as we enter new ways of being on the planet, re-birthing the new take care, take action as guided and rest when needed to integrate the shifts. Things will pick up pace again as the planets move forwards at the end of the month. Love and blessings through August and beyond

We are soon to be entering the 6-6 Gateway. Rose gold portal of new light codes...


As the energies build towards the summer solstice on 21st June, we are entering new timelines. To raise our vibration from the lower third dimensional realities of fear, worry, disease that many feel trapped in. As June opens there is an influx of new light codes into our galaxy of higher frequencies of light. There are many beings of light waiting to assist. We all have access to these, to open the timelines to the higher dimensions of love, abundance and peace. Closing the old denser realities which no longer serve our highest good. Many new light codes are entering our dna and restructuring our lightbodies. I can help you activate and access these timelines to tap into more of your gifts and for your divine plan to unfold. We are each here for a reason, a purpose at this time as the earth herself also shifts into higher frequencies. As more people awaken the whole planet rises in frequencies. There can be ascension symptoms, showing up as blocks and disease. I can help you go into these and release them to allow higher light frequencies to realign and heal your being.. As we enter the 6-6 portal, (6th June), rose gold influxes to heal the polarities of divine masculine, feminine are being pushed out to create balance and flow of greater union and harmony. What do you choose for now? Degeneration, anxiety and drama or love, abundance, peace and flow? As the intensity builds we all have the choice of which frequencies we choose to shift to. Love and blessings for the month of June.

As we enter the new moon in Pisces and Spring is just around the corner...

I connected with the divine mother as I ponder things this morning. An instant heart-opening and then a layer of sadness welled up inside me- a residue of lifetimes accumulated in the heart. I have been doing a lot of healing around love recently. I visited Avebury after the full moon- which is always a special place for me. The cosmic gateways are very open at this powerful portal of land. I visited the rocks and did some offerings to connect with the ancient wise ones that worked with this formation for eons of time. I felt the strong ancient support of the divine masculine and felt deep love opening. I walked around in silence and connected one by one with these rocks, doing offerings as I went. Layers of activations happened as I connected to the grids of unconditional love. I felt much peace as I walked the land there.

Then I was guided to a little spot I had many visions before, looking upon Silbury Hill, the sacred mound, with the river Kennet flowing by. I did an offering here, the waters were clear and flowing. I felt an immediate connection to the divine feminine. As I looked upon Silbury hill, I could see a mothership hovering above in the clouds, many places I had been to before connected: Hawaii, Tahiti and of course Stonehenge. I felt the fertility held deep in the mound. The ancient goddess stirring. More layers stripped away to reveal love and connection to the divine feminine. My root chakra and sacral, opened up as I felt the fertility and creativity unfurl within me. I felt cities of light deep within the soil and Pan appeared, representing the divine masculine as two male passers by walked by. I felt a swirl and a deep communion between the love between the masculine and feminine within me as old layers of past hurt and traumas released with ease. I felt healing on the land where lower densities around the mound lifted into the light, as I went deeper and deeper being held by the masculine and feminine union within me.

All the while the sun was shining down on me and the skies cleared to bright blue and pink cloud formations. As I felt a shift into higher dimensions I sent healing out to the planet celebrating this divine union and love between the masculine and feminine as it went out to all the other power points round the globe. After some time I started walking gently back to the rocks. I discovered the original stones were  a figure of eight alignment- infinity, the magician, divine magic. This made sense to me as recently I had been drawing fairies with many infinity symbols on the ground. As I walked gently round the stones I felt a deep peace and happiness with the shift into harmony and a connection to the planetary grids of unconditional love flowing. I felt a sense of connection, walking with the ancient goddess as I have felt many times before and the skies opened into vibrant light formations above Avebury. It's always a pleasure and a gift to visit the stones so close up and do energy work there.

There is a profound connection between ancient wisdom and new planetary light codes. It was nourishing and celebratory visiting such a place. So as we enter Spring, the residues of winter peel away as we say goodbye to what no longer serves our highest and best good. Creating space of potential for the seeds we planted in the depths of going within, in winter to germinate. So although today I feel a residue of sadness, I observe it and not allow myself to be engulfed by it. Like an old friend I bid it farewell with an embrace, creating space for the new seeds which will soon begin to show as the vibrancy of spring kicks in. So with hope in my heart I open up to all that is about to come in this next spiral of time...

The prerequisite for health is balancing the body.

This harmony happens through the communication of the cells. Cellular metabolism and communication would be impossible without light. We are using this notion by using light and its different wavelengths specifically as an impulse and “motivator”. Every nuance of color, including all shades of gray, possesses an individual vibrational energy, a specific “information”. This information is introduced to the “energy system of the human being” at precisely defined reflex points and reflex zones. This is a further development of traditional acupuncture, we are talking about a complex network of communication. A balancing regulation of information is evoked, where the cause of the disruption is located through the use of the light conducting system of the body. The impulse entering exactly defined sensitive points of the body triggers a chain reaction, which “washes away” the obstacle and regulates the body’s innate information and energy, so that it can once again flow in the predetermined pathways without impediment; gently and painlessly. This is how colourpuncture works. All disease is a build-up of conflicting messages in the body and colourpuncture can create a resolution of these blockages. Please feel free to contact me to find out more or to book a session and try it for yourself...

Water is Life!

It's so important to look after our water. With global warming the basic access to clean water is becoming more and more difficult. Tap water is pumped with hormonal affecting pollution and Fluoride. Even the mineral water we buy has cancerous plastic in it. So it becomes more and more difficult to sustain even the basics. The late Japanese doctor Masaru Emoto became interested in the life energy in water and began to investigate the crystallisation patterns from pure and polluted sources. He discovered that the patterns are influenced by negative and positive words and thoughts. We can literally programme the water we drink with purity or pollution...Interesting thought.

In Russia there is a lake that is thought to be more valuable than gold. It is pure and clear. The reason? The land below is full of a rare crystal called Shungite which can literally eradicate pollution, EMF's and bring it back to a pure state. You can buy Shungite crystals to place in your water source to purify and charge with good life force. The only trouble with Shungite is it is highly absorbant, so you need to cleanse it regularly for optimum benefits. The solution I found was using an essence charged with this crystal is practical and a useful way to purify the water by dowsing how many drops and placing in the water to bring it back to full life force. Hydration is key to so many ailments. So looking after your water is looking after your life!

Swimming with Whales... Birthing with dolphins

It was always a dream of mine to swim with dolphins. I read many books describing deep healing people had swimming with these playful & wise creatures. Never did I imagine the journeys I would have on my travels with the lovely pods of wild dolphins swimming in the Indian Ocean or the kissing of the poor captive dolphin in a sea enclosure in Tahiti, while I was pregnant. I read in lots of research that people who birthed will dolphins never felt the pain of child-birth as the sonar through the waves was deeply soothing. Also I had done a lot of research in my work with pre-natal healing, that the first codes from our birthing experience created life impulses for our souls' work to unfold. The Tibetans talk a lot about this, calm births, calm children. So when I was four months' pregnant with my son I was determined to hug a dolphin. Which I did- well I kissed one anyway! The Dolphin had always been captive in the Pacific Oceans for Naval research. So I sent a lot of healing to that Dolphin, and he reciprocated with a kiss! But like most animals despite the ways humans had treated him they, the love they give out is still unconditional.. I felt my son flip in my belly and grow when I touched that dolphin! Also My son was born in the water beautifully, naturally and very ecstatically. He was a very calm baby... And loves the water! When my son was only four, we lived in the Indian ocean. Every weekend we would go our at 4am watch the sunrise and swim with huge pods of wild dolphins out in the oceans. Open sea swimming. They showed us the places being damaged by pollution and also some magnificent cities of light turquoise beneath the water. we once even encountered a white dolphin who we followed and he took us miles and miles out to some beautiful places. The healing was very profound. If you ever get the chance, I thoroughly recommend jumping in and playing with dolphins, they have a lot to teach us about play, living in community and caring for the oceans.


In Native teachings whales are metaphorically described as swimming libraries. It is believed that within the vast intellect of whale is held the Akashic records, containing all knowledge and experience in the history of all life. They travel over such wide distances keeping their networks of communication open with other whales over vast distances. Their beautiful songs can be heard for miles around. When Whales come into Maui, Hawaii around December their songs surround the islands for months while they birth. I once saw a beautiful New Zealand film, Whale Rider, about a tribe in the south Pacific who believe the whales are our ancestors and hold the original knowledge. In that film the girl is seen as unsuitable to lead the tribe until she eventually rides the whale, which is seen as hugely significant.. I once swam with a mummy, daddy and baby whale with my son and husband. I was apprehensive at first because they are enormous, but once I saw the whale, I knew it was now or never, so I jumped in and swam towards the daddy. In that moment he could have swallowed me up, but I stayed with it and he swam under me and I sat on his back riding through the water. I have to say that was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life, letting go of the fear, trusting and connecting my heart to that of the whale, the natural flow. A profound experience I will never forget in my heart. The light around whales is so profound, I experienced it shifted my energetic fields in my light-body, which I do a lot to unblock disease and bring in healthier re-patterning in the cells. So if you would like to experience whale medicine, come and have some light-body healing with me..