"I'm talking about good vibrations"... To quote the Beach Boys

Everything is made up of vibrations... Some are dense: earthy and some pure light: ethereal. As I mentioned in my last post each of those layers of density holds different qualities. Red, connected with the root is very good for grounding, for finances etc, orange likewise for joy and playfulness, creativity. Sometimes we are just drawn to things because of the energies they hold or repelled for similar reasons. This is useful to know to balance out areas of our lives which may not be flowing. Crystals, colours, music are all good ways to bring in some good vibrations. I use colours to balance the body with specific crystals rods on specific points. Various treatments open up the blocks to allow healing to occur on many levels. Please do get in touch if you have specific ailments you are wrestling with. Beautifying our surrounds can uplift the mood as can music associated with happy memories. Many books have been written on vibrational healing as there are endless ways to utilise these tools. Even smells can trigger memories, good and bad. In therapy sometimes the bad memory is triggered to work through and then bring in a new more harmonious resonance, whether through applying colours, flower essences or dialoguing to reframe the experience. We can also use intention to create a positive manifestation.