Manifestation Boards

Get creative. What would you like to have in your life? That dream job, holiday, romance, home, how you come across to the world?... Or all of the above. I have travelled the globe, swam with dolphins, met wonderful people and lived in some places beyond the budgets I had available. How? Simple. Start collecting magazines, pamphlets, images off the internet. Text that describes the feelings you would experience from having those things. Images which reflect items or mood boards that together create colours, textures effects you would have. The possibilities are endless. Just get a big scrap book and start sticking and gluing away to create that magic. Then leave it somewhere you can see every day, even several times a day. You could do a version with pin interest on your mobile device or for true creative inspiration from your higher self, (inner knowing), keep a dream note book by your bed. Before going to bed at night say "I will remember my dreams on waking". Low and behold over time you will start to remember those feelings and ideas. Write them down as soon as you wake up. Even in the middle of the night, keep it at hand so if inspiration grabs you, you can write it all down before you forget... It works, just takes a bit of practise.. Then watch over time how those dreams slowly become a reality..