The second Brain

Not only do you need to keep the old grey matter ticking over, but the best way to do this and enhance your intuition or higher self is actually quite simple. The key lies in the second brain, which is in the gut. Many books and theories have been written to prove this, including the second gut brain theory by Stephen Porges, (if you want to research it more). It's so important to strengthen the stomach gut flora to improve brain flow. Pro-biotics can help, as can healing and strengthening the stomach. I have several colourpuncture treatments that help with this. So do book a treatment if you feel inclined. Also nutrients. You can get live cultures in capsules from your local health store. Yoghurts contain live cultures too... Did you also know raw asparagus is a good natural pro-biotic? Try it over a period of time and see how that gut instinct hones in strongly to point you in the right direction to make those important life decisions.