Resetting your natural rhythms

As I write this, we are entering another full moon. So I have my crystals laid out to catch the rays of the full moon for cleansing. Full moon's are also a good time for healing, letting go and celebrating. We are 90% water and like the tides as the moon rises so do our energies. New moons are good for setting new intentions for the times ahead... I find it useful to create a small nature table or altar with some of the special things collected with the seasons. Crystals, rocks, feathers, greenery that's in season, pine cones etc This can give a good focal point with a candle to honour the cycles. Prayer or mantras can help as a focal point too, to help build some sacred space to build up good energies. In our hectic lives, full of technology and distractions, it's easy to get detached from the natural flows and rhythms. If you're really feeling out of whack, getting out in nature is the best gift you can give yourself. Also sleeping on the ground to reset the cellular system, like camping. These things can help us to ground, or earth ourselves back to the natural support that mother nature is always providing, if we care to listen. Burning sage is useful for clearing out stagnant energies and creating more flow in your space. One of my favourites for cleansing a house is a burning pot: 1 part epsom salts, to 2 parts surgical spirit. Burn in a pot and feel those denser energies lift away. try it and see. I also have some good mind and body emotional detox treatments and tools for rebalancing the elements. So please do get in touch if you feel you would like to cleanse on a deeper level.