Swimming with Whales... Birthing with dolphins

It was always a dream of mine to swim with dolphins. I read many books describing deep healing people had swimming with these playful & wise creatures. Never did I imagine the journeys I would have on my travels with the lovely pods of wild dolphins swimming in the Indian Ocean or the kissing of the poor captive dolphin in a sea enclosure in Tahiti, while I was pregnant. I read in lots of research that people who birthed will dolphins never felt the pain of child-birth as the sonar through the waves was deeply soothing. Also I had done a lot of research in my work with pre-natal healing, that the first codes from our birthing experience created life impulses for our souls' work to unfold. The Tibetans talk a lot about this, calm births, calm children. So when I was four months' pregnant with my son I was determined to hug a dolphin. Which I did- well I kissed one anyway! The Dolphin had always been captive in the Pacific Oceans for Naval research. So I sent a lot of healing to that Dolphin, and he reciprocated with a kiss! But like most animals despite the ways humans had treated him they, the love they give out is still unconditional.. I felt my son flip in my belly and grow when I touched that dolphin! Also My son was born in the water beautifully, naturally and very ecstatically. He was a very calm baby... And loves the water! When my son was only four, we lived in the Indian ocean. Every weekend we would go our at 4am watch the sunrise and swim with huge pods of wild dolphins out in the oceans. Open sea swimming. They showed us the places being damaged by pollution and also some magnificent cities of light turquoise beneath the water. we once even encountered a white dolphin who we followed and he took us miles and miles out to some beautiful places. The healing was very profound. If you ever get the chance, I thoroughly recommend jumping in and playing with dolphins, they have a lot to teach us about play, living in community and caring for the oceans.


In Native teachings whales are metaphorically described as swimming libraries. It is believed that within the vast intellect of whale is held the Akashic records, containing all knowledge and experience in the history of all life. They travel over such wide distances keeping their networks of communication open with other whales over vast distances. Their beautiful songs can be heard for miles around. When Whales come into Maui, Hawaii around December their songs surround the islands for months while they birth. I once saw a beautiful New Zealand film, Whale Rider, about a tribe in the south Pacific who believe the whales are our ancestors and hold the original knowledge. In that film the girl is seen as unsuitable to lead the tribe until she eventually rides the whale, which is seen as hugely significant.. I once swam with a mummy, daddy and baby whale with my son and husband. I was apprehensive at first because they are enormous, but once I saw the whale, I knew it was now or never, so I jumped in and swam towards the daddy. In that moment he could have swallowed me up, but I stayed with it and he swam under me and I sat on his back riding through the water. I have to say that was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life, letting go of the fear, trusting and connecting my heart to that of the whale, the natural flow. A profound experience I will never forget in my heart. The light around whales is so profound, I experienced it shifted my energetic fields in my light-body, which I do a lot to unblock disease and bring in healthier re-patterning in the cells. So if you would like to experience whale medicine, come and have some light-body healing with me..