Tithing isn't just about the peasants revolt!

Tithing is about giving one tenth of your money to help other organisations you choose. There's something symbolic in this. Giving back for all we receive shows the universe we are in a flow. Giving back to society however you choose is an investment in your life. Divine law, showing that you don't hold on so tightly to every penny shows you are trusting in the flow it will come back to you. It's also a kind of thank you to the universe for it all it provides. You can choose how and where you give this. Maybe you give your time or other resources in this way. Donating useful things you no longer need to a charity shop, this all helps keep things in balance and flow. The one-tenth proportion is a guideline, no hard and fast rules. It's also a pleasure giving back as it anchors a sense of I am enough/ I have enough to support me. So consider creative ways you can tithe... I always enjoy baking cakes for my son's school fundraisers. Someone will enjoy those cakes hopefully and they usually raise much needed funds to help the school with children. I am sure there are ways you have been doing this without consciously thinking about it. But it's meant to be enjoyable- not something you have to do!