Water is Life!

It's so important to look after our water. With global warming the basic access to clean water is becoming more and more difficult. Tap water is pumped with hormonal affecting pollution and Fluoride. Even the mineral water we buy has cancerous plastic in it. So it becomes more and more difficult to sustain even the basics. The late Japanese doctor Masaru Emoto became interested in the life energy in water and began to investigate the crystallisation patterns from pure and polluted sources. He discovered that the patterns are influenced by negative and positive words and thoughts. We can literally programme the water we drink with purity or pollution...Interesting thought.

In Russia there is a lake that is thought to be more valuable than gold. It is pure and clear. The reason? The land below is full of a rare crystal called Shungite which can literally eradicate pollution, EMF's and bring it back to a pure state. You can buy Shungite crystals to place in your water source to purify and charge with good life force. The only trouble with Shungite is it is highly absorbant, so you need to cleanse it regularly for optimum benefits. The solution I found was using an essence charged with this crystal is practical and a useful way to purify the water by dowsing how many drops and placing in the water to bring it back to full life force. Hydration is key to so many ailments. So looking after your water is looking after your life!