As we enter the Lionsgate 8:8:8 portal and the final eclipse in the triple eclipse gateway on August the 11th...

...Many shifts are occuring on a planetary and personal level right now. Eclipses are about abrupt endings and also new beginnings. Much of the old paradigms and conditionings which held us in the old system of disempowerment and control are dying. Something new is birthing. We were born with love and die with love. A remembrance of this awakens knowing that we are worthy of the highest and best love so all good things can flow to support us and the work we are doing on the planet. Love is what connects us as humans. Over time with conditioning and past experiences it can be challenging to peel away the defences and protection to our hearts. It takes courage to stay open, trust and allow those old wounds to heal and be aired. Discernment also helps, honouring the inner knowing of what does and doesn't serve our highest good. It takes courage to let go of the old ways of doing things as they served us up to a point. But to move into higher levels of love it takes courage and trust to bring in the new that is birthing.

Wth so many planets in retrograde many of us are reviewing or remembering past experiences, like an inventory, processing and releasing to allow a deeper way of being to come through. Stronger foundations to create new ways of being. It is our divine birthright to be happy. As the lionsgate portals are open at this time the Sirius stargates are very open and burst of new lightcodes and rewiring our DNA and lightbodies- clearing the past, denser realities of struggle, disease, trauma and drama and bringing in higher ways of living on this planet.  That is not to say these lower levels of reality have been eradicated completely from the planet. As many experience these shifts there is a lot of these dramas, conflict and chaos coming up. It's important to stay in alignment with your higher self, take self care, get out in nature and ground through these chaotic times. Integrity is key, honouring the self and listening to the still voice within to what is and what isn't serving you. It takes practice to bring this into alignment and also to hold loving thoughts in response to what is going on around. Aligning with guides and higher beings of light can assist through these transitions- If we ask for assistance then be open to receiving the signs. As our thoughts create our reality it's important to align with uplifting thoughts to create happier outcomes- not getting pulled into the shadows of negativity and recreating destructive patterns of the past in our lives. There are higher waves of rose gold grids entering the planet. Balancing the divine masculine and feminine within. Choosing to break away from co-dependency to empowerment and balance is key. Much old conditioning on the masculine and feminine within which created karmic relationships helped us grow through certain things our souls needed to learn to evolve. But divine masculine and feminine unions are about love empowerment, co-creation and sacred union. To be sovereign beings taking responsibility for our lives and for raising the vibrations of the planet. So more people awaken to those higher waves of love and know what it is to live in love, peace,harmony and true abundance on the planet. It's about flow, trust and passion. it's about regeneration and sustainability in managing ourselves and other for the planet. It starts with self, taking the time to honour self so that in turn we are able to honour others. These transitions can feel lonely at times but it's important to remember that there are many doing this work at this time and networks of light are building and connecting bridges over the planet at this time. slowly with time as these connect we will connect with more of our soul tribes doing this work.

Trust you are being guided. See what new things and opportunities open up in your life.When blocks and drama occur use the tools, do the work to bring yourself back into alignment and flow. Being in nature and also spending time with animals is key. Grounding in the crystalline grids often to shift the intensity of these new light codes without burning out is important too. So as we enter new ways of being on the planet, re-birthing the new take care, take action as guided and rest when needed to integrate the shifts. Things will pick up pace again as the planets move forwards at the end of the month. Love and blessings through August and beyond