Wow to say it's been intense recently is an understatement..

So many planetary shifts and new ways of being with all the new light codes. Personally I had a challenging weekend. For a few days before I kept hearing i was dying.. Was I considering leaving the planet or just dying to my old ways of being? Or the ego struggling with my higher self? I rarely get ill with all my healing tools and work I do on myself and helping others. So it was a real challenge having to confront physical pain.

I tried to get up on Saturday morning and found I had a trapped nerve or sciatica. My whole right leg was numb and I couldn't stand up. What came to follow was a deep process of going within. Clearing layers and layers of old programming in the sacral and primal fears of survival in the root chakra. At first I used positive affirmations to reframe the pain and shift my focus away from it.. I also got a medical opinion but the doctor prescribed hardcore painkillers which I wasn't going to take. So I had tumeric tea for the swelling and pain control and cannabis oil to help the nervous system relax. This worked and helped the body's own action kick in to manage the pain. I soon realised there was no point ignoring the pain.

So I started sending it love and flashes of memories from my life where I endured through pain to grow passed by me. Knowing this isn't for my highest good I consciously released those lower timelines, calling the fragmented soul back to the higher self for the lessons and learnings and not the traumas. I realised it was an illusion that I felt alone. I read many beautiful posts at the weekend of the shifts occuring planetary and realised we are all one in this together. Between the crying, meditation and healing I just had to surrender to the process.

Yesterday Soluntra King had a lovely post on the anchoring of the grids she was doing. In it she mentioned the blockages currently in the root chakra of the earth, which resonated with how I was feeling. She had some beautiful insight and brought to my attention the pain I was experiencing was deep layers of unworthiness and punishing myself. Boy that literally hit a nerve! So I continually breathed deeper into the pain with love and out with love for several hours. This is also what i do with client's pain bodies to witness in love.

So after thinking I would be in bed resting up for days, I woke up this morning a little bit wobbly, but able to move around and move forwards. Knowing I need to be gentle with these shifts and not push through. These waves of love are in the unfolding. The intensity of the weekend's experience was more painful than giving birth! As a friend astutely commented: "More like a rebirth!" So as the energies of balance ramp up into rebalance for the equinox on the 22nd September I send you all love, gratitude and grace for sharing the journey xxx