Welcoming in the new... Happy Equinox

What do you perceive to be true in this now moment? Breathe in love, breathe out love… Life is miraculous in this now moment. The beauty, the love and how can we best serve our highest potential in this now moment?.. The vibrancy of spring is emerging as we shed away the layers of going within during the depths of winter. Breakthroughs and glimmers of potentiality. What do you want to do?.. How best can we serve the collective? What gifts do I bring to the world? I just put on a tune and had a dance. Moving the energies of the union of sacred masculine/feminine merging and rising.

My sacral feels like it is bursting open.. Creativity birthing new light codes.. But what does this all mean? Expression and colour for me.. Been a lot of activity in the Thymus/throat area clearing. Time for more self expression.. Being in my power as a woman and being fully present to me. Practice, practise and to be compassionate to myself if I slip into the old ways of shame, blame and judgement.. So what are your plans for the coming spring/summer months. What is emerging from the cocoon? Watch this space!