I have known Tara for over 14 years and she is a profoundly gifted healer. I have found that, for me, particularly in times of worry and need whether personally, emotionally or financially that she has helped me significantly. Using her powerful, gentle and effective complimentary healing methods she’s consistently helped me to identify and work on myself to clear blocks to seeing more clearly and healing those parts of myself that were holding me back to living a more complete and full life. She has a rare gift, especially for working with other healers and those who have a spiritual awareness or practice and who would like to move themselves, their life work and personal understanding and consciousness to a higher perspective of reality. I definitely fall into that category.

— Jean-Paul Martinez British Filmmaker and Producer

What I've Achieved

  • Helped Many clients balance their health physically, emotionally, spiritually.

  • Cleansed many buildings and spaces to bring them into a natural resonance and harmony.

  • I've worked with various spiritual traditions to learn diverse spiritual practices and tools.

To book your FREE consultation call Tara on: 07477 523303 or email shritara12@gmail.com.

How I Work:

We start with a consultation to see what is the best way forward for you. I may test some points or simply offer a treatment plan. This is usually a series of sessions to effectively deal with the root causes. 

“You will emerge from a consultation with a feeling of freshness, a sense of authentic power that's exciting and very new." Pippa Merrivale

I get to the root cause of what you have going on. No matter what the health issue there is always a solution. I have extensive experience in how effective these therapeutic methods are. 

There are many aspects to healing: emotional, physical, mental & spiritual. I have many healing modalities from colour puncture, to healing the light body (energy fields of the body), to flower essences to balance and harmonise your well being. Some aspects of health can also be ancestral & genetic and the latest thinking about natural healing is that it is possible to heal the DNA of a person. I have specific tools for these aspects of the person, looking deeper into the root causes of suffering and pain of the client.

After the initial consultation, a session typically uses the therapeutic methods I utilise to delve deeper and gently into a safe and nurturing space so we can understand more specifically what is going on into the work needed.

I take a holistic approach- gently intuitive and scientifically observing the symptoms, to come up with a tailor- made package to serve your health and well-being needs.

I also offer support and follow up advice to integrate the sessions. This may include homework and working through specific issues identified in the session to help you on your path to taking responsibility for your own health and needs.

Session cost £65 / hr

Initial consultation is £55

Or you can book a package of 9 for the special price of £450

Session costs will be confirmed after your initial consultation.

To book your FREE consultation call Tara on: 07477 523303 or email shritara12@gmail.com.

Clients typically report back profound healing and long lasting life benefits from the healing work we do in these sessions. If you'd like to discover how to take responsibility for your own health and bring in new dimensions into your life, please do get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.